Conveyor Roller

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Conveyor Pulleys are designed for use on belt conveyor systems. Conveyor pulleys are not designed for the same application intent as conveyor rollers.  The face length of a conveyor pulley is derivative of the conveyor belt width.

Pulleys are made up of several components including the shell, end, hub, shaft and locking assembly. Conveyor Pulley used for the purpose of driving a conveyor belt. Typically mounted in external bearings and driven by an external source. Any pulley used in a non-drive position that is intended to rotate freely and be driven by the belt. Pulleys are located at the ends of the conveyor structure and at the take-up arrangement.

Conveyor pulleys are the integral segment of the conveyor system. Drum pulleys with plain rubber lagging are mostly used in snub applications where traction is not critical.

Conveyor Systems are main in industry where fast and quick handling of packaging must required. The conveyor system is also used in industries where employ load good from itself. Conveyor systems are also used for moving sidewalks and escalators.

Conveyor system is also called Conveyor Belts, this conveyor belts work with two pulleys that continuously loop over the material. Conveyor system is also to transfer good from multi-directional pattern. Conveyor systems are the most commonly used powered conveyor due to their economical cost and simplicity. Conveyor system are transfer goods from horizontally, vertical and every corners.

Conveyor systems are also made in a wide range of sizes and configuration. Conveyor systems are high-tech system. It Reduce your labor costs by automating product handling and distribution.

A Conveyor Belt is the carrying medium of a belt conveyor system. A conveyor belt consists of two or more pulleys. A conveyor can be slide and controlled by the gravity of gravity.

The conveyor belt is also used for transporting. Today conveyor belt available in pvc and rubber material. The belt consists one or more layers of material. Many belts have generally two layer material. The belt looped around each of the rollers. The Conveyor Belt is the key of the profitability of your operation.

It has a lower longitudinal elongation and higher tensile strength. It is used in material handling equipment. Conveyor belts are used for lifting and lowering in conveyor systems as a cheaper alternative to lifts.

Belt conveyors are used throughout the world for the conveying of bulk materials. It is suitable for heavy-duty products and is also used for accumulating loads. Although the cost is higher but it is more effective than other product.

The benefits and advantages of Conveyor Rollers over other types of conveyor are:

  • Cost effectiveness in terms of power
  • They are very easy to install and are reliable, low maintenance
  • Fast, effective horizontal transportation over long distances
  • Conveyor can move in both direction

Conveyor Rollers are divided into basically two parts 1 Flat 2 Though roller. Conveyor roller Help Company to save lots of labor cost. A conveyor roller does not require power to item move alone.

A conveyor that consists of a parallel series of rotating bars that movable with goods to the starting point to end of destination is called conveyor roller.  In simple words a conveyor is mechanical device that transfer goods from one location to another location.

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A Conveyor Roller consists of a series of tubes that are mounted in set intervals. These tubes are rotate same direction and same rate. The advantage of this conveyor that it is easy to installation and normal maintenance and low expense. The conveyor roller is designed for smooth rotation, long service life and low noise. It is totally water proof and dust proof. These conveyors are suitable for light weight application.

Conveyor Roller helps to save a lots of labor cost. It is most flexible, easily available in market and it is capable to carrying heaviest weight. It Helps to move objects quickly and also very efficiently. Roller conveyors are stronger than the normal conveyor.