Conveyor Roller

Pashupati's manufactured range of Conveyor Roller is perfect option of esteemed consumers to meet industrial conveying challenges having longer functional life.

Chevron Conveyor Belts and Endless Conveyor Belt

Endless Conveyor Belt is conveyor belt that has been made into endless without joint in the process of production.  It’s maintaining high quality. Endless Canvas Conveyor Belt is a close weaving type belt, which is used for two ply weaving, length wise nylon & width wise cotton. Endless conveyor belts are used in the bulkChevron Conveyor Belts and Endless Conveyor Belt material and unit load handling. Its feature is that there is no joint in belt carcass, and the belt shall not be shortened in service life due to early failure. The Chevron Conveyor Belts are used for carrying, wet grain materials and loose sand in bugs. It is also used for when material has to be conveyed at steep angles without allowing slip back of the load. It considered a very high quality. CHEVRON belts are the right belts to meet your requirements when higher angles of inclination are required. This belt is coming with different shape and sizes it is depend on the demand of customer. It used in diffrent industries like Chemical Plants, Mines industries and food & Beverage Industry etc.


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